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GranMix Pecorino



Ferrari's original recipe for GranMix al Pecorino combines the rich taste of Pecorino with mature cheeses and is produced exclusively from Italian milk. Expertly mixed by Ferrari Formaggi, each cheese offers an explosion of taste, ideal for all your dishes and recipes.

The goodness of 100% Italian milk brings guaranteed flavour to all your dishes! In addition, GranMix al Pecorino is lactose-free, so even the lactose intolerant will not have to forego the pleasure of GranMix.

Make your recipes unique with GranMix al Pecorino's enveloping flavour. Ideal for enriching pasta with tomato, carbonara or amatriciana sauces, or for 'cacio e pepe' pasta, adding flavour to pesto, baked dishes, stuffed vegetables and other traditional Italian dishes.

Ferrari Formaggi's handy fresh-seal bags are designed to preserve the grated cheese, keeping it fresh for longer and fully preserving its flavour so that you can enjoy it whenever you wish.


  • Ricetta Ferrari originale


Ferrari History

Since 1823, every quality
of cheese.

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Ferrari Company

An innovation that comes from the tradition, discover what "Quality" means to us.

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